<<12.02.2018>> Workshop on "Laboratory Animal Care and Basic research Techniques" held at National Institute of Siddha from 12-02-2018 to 16-02-2018

Workshop on “Laboratory Animal Care and Basic Research Techniques” was organized by National Institute of Siddha on 12-16, February 2018. Under the guidance of Director, Prof.Dr.V.Banumathi, a team of organizing committee members: Dr.Suba, Assistant Professor of Pharmacology, Dr.B.R.Senthilkumar, Assistant Professor of Physiology, Dr.K.Suresh, Lecturer of Kuzhantahi maruthuvam and Dr.Gaythri Natarajan, Veterinary consultant were instrumental in smooth conduction of the workshop and also made it as a successful learning process for the students. This workshop is designed in five days. It is divided into two modules.

Module-I: Practical hands on training including handling of animals, sex identification, dosing, collection of biological fluids, anaesthesia protocol and necropsy examination in  rats.

Module-II: Theoretical aspects like regulatory aspects, biology of laboratory animals,  laboratory animal facility design, animal identification procedures, drug administration and collection of biological fluids, anesthesia, pain, euthanasia, zebra fish in drug development process and design of experiments and biostatistics.

This training was attended by 31 research scholars of National Institute of Siddha. Post graduate students of Siddha medicine are not adequately trained in preclinical research techniques on animals to take up research assignments in drug discovery and development. Hence this workshop is aimed to impart training in animal handling and basic research techniques to improve the practical skills of the research scholars of this Institute.

Day 1: Monday- February-12

The training was called to order at about 9.30 a.m. The first presentation was on Prevention of Cruelty to animals Act by Prof.Dr. K. Nachimuthu,M.V.Sc, Former Director of Research, TANUVAS and Dr.Naseema, Ph.D. They have detailed the guidelines about act governing animal studies, ethics to be followed in animal research and the role of CPCSEA and IAEC in maintaining the welfare of lab animals.

The second session is about filling the Part-B form for IAEC sanction, Animal procurement and conduct of the experiment by Prof.Dr.N.Pazhanivel,M.V.Sc, Ph.D,

Madras Veterinary College, Chennai. He added clarity on filling the Part-B form for IAEC sanction, animal procurement for the conduct of the experiment and throw lights on various suitable animal models used in drug development research.

Day 2: Tuesday- February-13

The meeting started off at 10.00 hours with review of previous day’s proceedings. One batch of students went to TANUVAS for visiting the animal facility and aqua culture facility in TNFU. There was alsoa presentation on Introduction to Laboratory animal facility design and basic animal husbandry practices involved in the maintenance of animal facility by Prof. Dr. S.Ramesh, M.V.Sc., and Fish as animal model in drug research by Dr.A.Uma, Ph.D.

Whereas the other batch of students were trained in the Institute foranimal identification procedures, sexing of laboratory animals, handling and restraining of mice and rats and various routes of drug administration and blood collection. Participants were divided into batches. They were trained individually for procedures. At the end of the session they were individually evaluated for the same.

Day 3: Wednesday-February 14

The day started at 10.00 a.m with the report of the previous day. Similar to the previous day batches were circulated for animal facility visit in TANUVAS and aquaculture facility in TNFU followed by the concerned lectures and hands on training for animal handling, sexing, routes of administration and blood collection.

Day 4: Thursday-February 15

The day session was delivered by Dr.R.Mahaprabhu, M.V.Sc on necropsy procedures. He demonstrated necropsy examination and organ isolation for histopathological examination in male and female rats. Students were trained in batches and evaluated for the location of organs.

Day 5: Friday-February 16

In the morning session Dr.R.P.Aravindh Babu, M.V.Sc.,Ph.D delivered lecture notes onExperimental design, analysis of literature, presentation of results andpublication. During afternoon session participants were presented the animal case studies and evaluated.They were further evaluated for their performance using objective type questions also. The delegates were also given an opportunity to evaluate the programme.

The workshop was rounded off with a closing ceremony and presentation of certificates.The Director, National Institute of Siddha delivered the presidential address. In her speech she drew attention of the workshop for the need to train the research scholars in preclinical studies of siddha drugs and the ethics to be followed in animal research. She further stressed the importance of packaging the present research findings to ensure timely translation of findings to actions. The participants of the workshop appreciated the way the workshop was organized and also expressed that Institute should conduct such useful workshops in future. The workshop ends with thanks note.


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