Medicinal Botany

Medicinal Botany Laboratory

Department of Medicinal Botany imparts higher education in Herbal Botany and Pharmacognosy to M.D.(S) students studying at National Institute of Siddha. Regular subject lectures, student seminars and Botany cum Pharmacognosy practicals are conducted with the help of instruments like Botanical hand lens, Dissection microscopes, Compound microscopes, etc. Identification of Classical Siddha Medicinal Plants is done for research students. Botanical Identification certificates are issued for M.D.(S) students for their dissertation research studies. A repository of dried herbal raw drugs and wet plant specimens are maintained for identification and research. Periodical Herbarium collections are done and maintained for identification purpose. Regular Medicinal plant field trips are conducted for widening the identification skills of students. Medicinal Garden and Herbal Green house with 200 medicinal plant species are maintained by the Medicinal Botany Department.