• Follow that laid down procedures and policies for Screening/OPD consultations. Do not force your way into Consultation rooms or doctor’s chambers.
  • Preserve the Hospital Registration Card issued to the patient. This card has to be produced on every visit to the hospital. It also indicates the day of the clinic.
  • Give proper and detailed history of the patient’s illness to help the doctor in making a diagnosis and instituting appropriate treatment. Do not hide any information.
  • Please consume drugs as advised by the doctor. Do not self medicate.
  • Please insist on receipts for all payments made. Do not encourage the practice of giving “tips” to the hospital attenders and other staff.
  • In case of any difficulty please contact Matron or Asst. Matron. If your complaint is not attended to by them, please contact the Hospital Superintendent or the Deputy Superintendent.
  • Please use all toilets with care. A lot of efforts are put in to maintain these toilets as neat and clean as possible. Your contribution in this regard will be highly appreciated.
  • Please ensure that you maintain special rooms properly and avoid intentional damage. Please switch off all electrical appliances such as geysers, stoves, lights, etc., when not in use. Any leakage of water from taps and overhead tanks should be reported immediately. Cooking of food is not allowed in the special wards.
  • The entire hospital is a NO SMOKING AND NO ALCOHOL ZONE. GAMBLING OF ANY KIND IS ALSO PROHIBITED IN THE HOSPITAL PREMISES. Any patient found indulging in these activities will be discharged immediately.
  • One patient is allowed one attendant. Do not have more than one attendant with you.
  • Do not argue with the security staff at the OPD and IPD. They are only carrying out orders and have a very difficult and tiring job.
  • Do not approach the Director with trivial complaints without first meeting the Hospital Superintendent or the Deputy Superintendent.

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