>> National Institute of Siddha Celebrated the International Day of Yoga (IDY-2016) on 21-06-2016 from 7.00 am to 8.00 am at NIS Campus

International Day of Yoga on 21-6-2016 - Celebration

As per the direction of Ministry of AYUSH, National Institute of Siddha has made all efforts to successfully celebrate the International Day of Yoga on 21-6-2016 for promoting Harmony and Peace through Yoga. 

Committee were formed to look after the stage management, registration, yoga demonstration, media contact etc. As the response of students, staff and public was overwhelming and reaches more than 400, Rehearsals were performed at the Yoga Hall for public and staff to achieve uniform way of performance on the IDY. The venue was levelled through CPWD machinery and cleaned to perform the event comfortably.

Based on Director’s direction and supervision, all registered participants were assembled on 20-6-2016 at 4.00 PM to arrange the position of each participant and providing the logo printed t-shirts to all participants. Then rehearsal has been performed for 1 hour to make it ease for next day celebration. Instruction was given to participants to assemble at 6.30 AM on 21-6-2016. All media were contacted over phone and letter given to cover the programme.

On 21-6-2016, All participants assembled at 6.45 AM and Prof. Dr. V. Banumathi, Director has warmly welcomed all the participants and emphasized the importance performing the Yoga by all people and gave a call to public to utilise the Yoga Hall and Yoga therapist in National Institute of Siddha for their well-being.

At 7.00 AM, a group of 6 students demonstrated various posture of Yoga Asana for 20 minutes. Then all participants performed together as per the instruction of Yoga therapist for 30 minutes and then Prof. Dr. V. Banumathi, Director thanked all the participants and every one who have worked for the success of the programme. Then refreshment was given to all participants.


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