** New ** Workshop on Basic Research Techniques and Practices involved in Laboratory Animal Care

A workshop on animal handling and ethics was organized by National Institute of Siddha on 06 - 10, February 2017. The workshop was conducted for five days. It was divided into two modules which includes theoretical and practical sessions. The workshop was attended by 26 postgraduate students and research scholars from National Institute of Siddha. The workshop was aimed to impart training in animal handling and basic research techniques to improve the practical skills of the research scholars of National Institute of Siddha.

This is the fourth workshop on Laboratory animal handling and ethics held in National Institute of Siddha. We observe this as a timely event with the main objective of helping researchers, both academics and students, to be better prepared with knowledge and skills in the use and care of animals for research.

Globally millions of lab animals are used annually to facilitate advancement of medicine which is aimed to reduce human suffering. This is accomplished only when regulated by sound animal ethics and use of proper protocols in handling, housing, and manipulation of animals to minimize cruelty in the form of harm, confinement, and infliction of pain. It is our responsibility as researchers to prevent animal wastage, and at the same time ensuring the validity and reliability of data obtained from animal experimentation. We must always remember the 3Rs pertaining to use of animals, namely, Replace, Refine and Reduce whereby the use of animals is only permitted when there are no alternative research techniques and the expected benefits outweigh any possible adverse effects.

Moreover, we are honored to have FELASA certified trainers from Madras Veterinary College, Chennai and Laboratory Animal Medicine Unit from TANUVAS, Chennai to impart their knowledge and skills and to share on models for animal research. Our workshop disseminates knowledge and information on basic biology, management practices, as well as welfare issues encountered in the use of laboratory animals to ensure its proper use.

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