Pharmacovigilance CME 25-10-10

National Institute of Siddha, Chennai-600047.

CME on Pharmacovigilance for Siddha Medicine on 25-10-10

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Participants / Resource persons:

A total of 44 participants ( 3 Govt. colleges, 5 Private colleges, 19 Govt. Medical service, 6 Central Institutions, 4 Industry, 2 University and 5 Private practitioners) have participated in the CME. Three local experts and two external experts have delivered lectures and interactive discussion held with participants.

The participants were given a bag with lecture materials of all lecturers and also one copy of Reporting Form for Suspected Adverse Reaction to Siddha Drugs.


Inaugural function was held at 10.00 AM at Auditorium which was attended by participants, experts and faculty / staff members of national institute of siddha. Welcome address was given by Prof.Dr.M.Murugesan, Dean and Prof.Dr.K.Manickavasakam, Director i/c who presided over the function, has delivered presidential address. Shri.Ramesh Kumar Khanna, IAS, Principal Secretary / Commissioner, Department of Indian Medicine & Homoeopathy inaugurated the CME by lighting the lamp and delivered inaugural address. He underscored the importance of CME and need to gain the public confidence in the acceptance of siddha medicine. He also advocated inclusion of pharmacovigilance in the curriculum for degree in siddha medicine course. He laid emphasis on research activities for contemporary science. Dr.M.Rajasekaran, Associate Professor & HOD i/c, Gunapadam Department proposed vote of thanks.

After tea break, session started with presentation of “Introduction of Pharmacovigilance” by Prof.Dr.M.Murugesan, Dean, NIS at 11.00 AM. He presented the need for siddha pharmacovigilance and functioning of Regional Pharmacovigliance center at NIS under National Pharmacovigilance Resource Centre, IPGTRA, Gujarat. He also enlightened the participants on the objectives of PV and terminology used in Pharmacovigilance such as ADR, SADR, NPCC, NPRC, RPC, PPC etc.

Dr.T.Anandan, Assistant Director, Siddha Central Research Institute, Chennai delivered a lecture on “Pharmacovigilance -Reporting System”. He described the information to be filled in the ADR report as well as the effort required for filling the columns in the report.

Dr.V.Subha, Asst.Professor, NIS has narrated the evolution of pharmacovigilance and activities undertaken by WHO. The clinical trials are not enough to record the adverse events of drugs as it is studied on small number of patients on the safety and efficacy of drug. She also enlightened the participants that although there are similarities between animal models and humans, but dissimilarities do exist which necessitates the programme for pharmacovigilance.

Afternoon session starts with Dr.M.Rajasekaran, Associate Professor & HOD i/c, Gundapadam Department presentation on “Prescription ethics – Siddha Gunapadam aspects”. He narrated the core subject area of siddha method of side effects, ADR and SADR as specified by siddhars and literatures. The original siddha texts and reference materials specified the ancient ways of observing the toxicity effects in animals and humans. These aspects has to be evolved for contemporary concepts of WHO and exhorted every Siddha doctor to work for pharmacovigilance.

Dr.N.Naryanan, Joint Director of Medical Education, Chennai presented “Pharmacovigilance – an elite topic of Health Care System”. He described historical perspective of Pharmacovigilance and drugs which were withdrawn from the market due to ADR/SADR reporting. The role of manufacturers, patients, clinician and scientists are also underscored for ensuring the safety consumption of drugs by patients.

Finally, all the participants were requested to handover the Feedback form and participation certificate distributed to them.

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