Research Projects undertaken during 2010-2011 in National Institute of Siddha

The following 4 research projects are being undertaken in National Institute of Siddha with approval of Research Committee and budget sanction from Department of AYUSH, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India.

1. Preclinical Safety And Efficacy Of ‘Nuna Kadugu’ (Internal Drug-NK) and ‘Nuna Thailam’ (External Drug-NT) in Ven Padai (Vitiligo) – by Prof. Dr. R. S. Ramaswamy, Professor and HOD., Study No.NIS/3/2010 ver:2.0 date 18.03.10

2. Antihypertensive potential and toxicological evaluation of Kuruthi Azhal Chooranam in rat models - by Dr. T. Lakshimkantham, Lecturer - Study No.NIS/1/2010 ver:1.0 date 12.03.10

3. Standardization and Evaluation of Siddha purification process of Sulphur with evaluation of preclinical safety and in-vitro efficacy of Ganthaga Mezhugu proposed for Psoriasis (Kalanjaga Padai) Management – by Dr. G. J. Christian & Dr. P. Shanmugapriya, Lecturers - Study No.NIS/5/2010 ver:2-0 date 18.03.10

4. Standardization and evaluation of purification process of Veeram (Hydrargyrum Per chloride) – by Dr. M. Madhavan, Lecturer - Study No.NIS/6/2010 ver:2-0 date 18.03.10

First two projects are collaborative research work with Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai, 3rd project with Sri Ramachandra University and SASTRA University and other 4th project is a collaborative research work with SASTRA University, Thanjavure.

Based on the results of pre-clinical studies, clinical trials will be conducted in National Institute of Siddha with approval of Research Committee and Institutional Ethics Committee to determine the efficacy of treatment.

In addition to the aforesaid projects, clinical studies for documentation of certain treatment efficacies will be undertaken during this year (2010-11).

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