Marvelous Wound Healing potential of Manjitti Kudineer (Rubia cordifolia decoction) in Siddha Medicine

Marvelous Wound Healing potential of Manjitti Kudineer (Rubia cordifolia decoction) in Siddha Medicine.

Manjitti (Rubia cordifolia)


Chronic wounds represent a significant burden to patients and health care professionals. Chronic ulcer is a chronic wound  that shows no tendency to heal after 3 months of appropriate treatment or is still not fully healed at 12 months.  The prevalence of chronic non healing skin ulcers are around 0.5 – 1 % of the general adult population and it is around 3.5% in the elderly population above 65 years of age. The burden of chronic non healing wounds in diabetics is even worse with 4-10% of them experiencing nerve related ulcer conditions, which is the principal cause for non traumatic lower limb amputation. An average of 40-50 new patients with wounds/cutaneous ulcers (Non-healing) report every month in the OPD of National Institute of Siddha, Chennai. 

The wound healing process is not only complex but is also delicate and susceptible to interruption or failure due to various factors like poor oxygenation (aeration), infection, lack of rest and undue pressure over the body parts and prominences, compromised blood circulation and nerve supply, metabolic deficiencies of old age etc.

Treatments which can facilitate faster healing of wounds/ulcers are badly needed so as to avoid the undue necessity of surgical amputation and life threatening septicemia. In order to avoid the above complications, Siddha system of medicine serves to bridge the gap between the conventional management of wounds and limb salvage by facilitating the faster wound healing.

As per Siddha literary text, the non healing wounds are termed as Kaaliga viranam. Many effective treatments for the facilitation of wound healing is available in Siddha medicine of which Manjitti kudineer has been recently studied at National Institute of Siddha.

It has been observed that on administration of Manjitti kudineer along with usual wound hygiene causes the wound margins to shrink and close in a short span of 15-90 days regardless of the wound chronicity in the majority. This formulation in particular serves as a powerful agent to contract the wound margins and eventually close to heal it. Even wounds of several years duration (i.e., 30 years) had been healed in 3 months time. Various types of wounds caused due to venous (varicose) and arterial insufficiency, diabetes, trauma etc., respond well to the above Siddha treatment. Treatmental failures with conventional modern managements also have responded successfully well as shown in the case photographs.

Wounds as big as 10cm dimension also get healed with this regimen of treatment given at National Institute of Siddha. Study showed that the Manjitti Kudineer was effective in enhancing the Wound contraction and epithelialization.



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