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Development of Standard Siddha Terminologies


NIS, Chennai is undertaking a 2nd WHO project – Development of Standard Siddha Terminologies for the period 15th October, 2010 to 14th August 2011.

The standardization of Siddha terminologies will facilitate use of these terms with specific meanings in pharmacopoeias, formularies and other documents. Secondly, these terminologies will be used for preparing Siddha-specific traditional medicine modules of international classification of diseases as contemplated by the Department of AYUSH on the initiation of WHO.

Specific Objectives:

  • To define and explain terminologies of Siddha in English language
  • To specify the meaning of each Siddha  term
  • To prepare a compendium of standardized Siddha terminologies for reference and adoption.

Approaches and timelines for each step would be as under:-

S. No.
Methods and approaches
Compilation of terminologies used in Siddha classics
First Six months up to 15th April 2011 starting from 15th October, 2010
Terms will be defined and explained in a standard template to be used for the purpose with the help of in-house experts and authentic commentaries and available dictionaries
Preliminary review of document by the institute’s senior experts.
Seventh month Upto 15th May, 2011
Updating / editing of the document based on the suggestions emerging from preliminary review.
Two Expert Group Meetings for finalization of terminologies, one for Non-clinical Subjects and the second for Clinical Subjects.
Eighth  month Upto 15th June 2011
Incorporation of comments/suggestions of Expert Groups.
Preparation and editing of the document and approval from Dept. of AYUSH
Ninth  Month Upto 15th July 2011
Submission of outcome document and technical & financial report
Tenth  Month Upto 14th August 2011


Development of Siddha Treatment Guidelines for selected Diseases (Completed)

A WHO sponsored first project entitled "Siddha Treatment Guidelines for selected Diseases" was carried out during 1-10-2008 to 31-3-2009. This project work has been successfully completed and a book titled "Siddha Treatment Guidelines for Selected Diseases" was submitted.

The selected diseases are:

  • Gunmam (Peptic Ulcer)
  • Perunkazhichal(Diarrhoea)
  • Eruvaaimulai noi(Haemoorrhoids)
  • Velluppu noi(Anemia)
  • Manjal Kamalai(Jaundice)
  • Kuruthi azhal noi(Hypertension)
  • Kural Kammal(Hoarseness of voice)
  • Mookadaippu(Sinusitis)
  • Kabala Soolai(Migraine)
  • Eraippu noi(Bronchial asthma)
  • Elaippu noi(Tuberculosis)
  • Vali Suram(Chikungunya)
  • Azhal Keelvayu (Osteo arthritis)
  • Tandaga vatham(Lumbar spondylosis)
  • Sagana vatham (Cervical spondylosis)
  • Enbu thathu vanmai kuraivu (Osteoporosis)
  • Karapatha soolai(Peripheral neuritis)
  • Kalladaippu (Nephrolithiasis)
  • Neer Kiricharam (Urinary tract infection)
  • Neerizhivu (Diabetes mellitus)
  • Sori Sirangu(Scabies)
  • Kalanjaga padai(Psoriasis)
  • Karappan(Eczema)
  • Venpadai(Vitiligo)
  • Podugu(Dandruff)
  • Pitha vedippu (Fissure foot)
  • Soothaga noigal (Menstrual disorders)
  • Perumbadu(Menorrhagia)
  • Magalir vellainoi (Leucoorrhoea)
  • Magaperinmai (Infertility)

For each disease: Definition, When to suspect/recognize, Epidemiology, Line of treatment based on altered Uyir/Udal thathukal, Envagai thervugal, Differential diagnosis, Treatment-Level-1, Level-2, Level-3, Pathiyam(Diet) and Rejuvenation were given in the book

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