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Guidelines for Poster presentation 

The poster should be a visual presentation of your submitted abstract and should meet the following criteria:

Title: The title should be the same as in the submitted abstract.Include the title of your presentation at the top of the poster. Characters should be a minimum of 48 font size. Your name, College, Institution or Centre should also be displayed on the poster.

Design and Layout Specifications: The entire poster must be mounted on a 48” x 36” (3 feet horizontal x 4 feet vertical) flex. Orientation of your poster must be in portrait style. Content: Minimum of 24 font size single spaced is recommended. The text should be concise and easy to read. The message that your poster contains should be clear and understandable without the requirement of oral explanation.

The lettering of the poster should be easily readable at a distance of two meters. Use UPPER and lower case for general content as the use of all-capital text is difficult to read. Avoid using a mixture of type/font styles


In recent days there is increasing resurgence and recognition for AYUSH systems in health care.  Siddha system of Medicine one among AYUSH systems also has secured a firm place in the National and Global health care. The significance of any traditional medical system depends upon its strong fundamental aspects that remains unchanged and proving itself contemporary to the modern era for thousands of years from its origin. Siddha system of Medicine also stretches back into such a history and an antiquity that holds a unique and consistent fundamental, preventive and curative health aspects. 

Even though all the AYUSH systems are known to complement each other and in the healthcare, it is high time to explore the uniqueness and antiquity of Siddha so as to establish the advantages of this oldest documented traditional medical system with a strong scientific basis. 

National Institute of Siddha therefore is organizing this National Conference on History and Antiquity of Siddha system of Medicine at NIS with a powerful objective of exploring and validating the origin history and antiquity of our system. The Scientific forum is open to all those people who could establish the evolution of Siddha from its origin with strong scientific evidences.

 Apart from Siddha community the Conference aims at integrating other communities relevant to Siddha origin like archeology , linguistics etc to validate the history of Siddha at its best. Scientific papers are invited from every direction for a successful knowledge sharing and documentation in this grounds. 

Proposed to have many activities for the 3rd Siddha day celebrstion, NIS heartily welcomes all to participate and grace this unique historical Scietific event one of the Pre Siddha Activities of NIS.


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