Aim & Objectives


  • To promote the growth and development of Siddha system of medicine.
  • To provide medical relief through Siddha system.
  • To impart the post graduate course of Siddha system of medicine.
  • To undertake research and dissemination.
  • To act as a center of excellence.


To attain High quality of P.G education and good health care services in Siddha Medicine and establish Siddha as a evidence based medicine and develop it as a center of excellence in Siddha.


  • To improve quality and standards of P.G. education.
  • To conduct research and validate the Siddha Medicine for selected diseases.
  • To document the health care services for scientific validation.
  • To provide good health care services through Siddha.
  • To disseminate the research work in publications.