Animal House Facility

Pharmacological and Toxicological research facilities in National Institute of Siddha for M.D(S) dissertation related research activities and Ph.D in Siddha specialty.

Animal house CPCSEA Registration

The animal house facility has been registered by CPCSEA and awarded the Registration No. 1248/ac/09/CPCSEA.  

Institutional Animal Ethics Committee

All the experiments involving animals are approved by the IAEC which is constituted by CPCSEA. The IAEC meetings are held regularly to obtain ethical clearance for use of animals in academics and research. The facility maintains all relevant records to ensure compliance to the approvals granted by the committee and progress under each approved protocol is put up for review by IAEC regularly in each meeting.

Details of Animals housed in the facility







 Swiss Albino




 Albino Wistar


We procure animals from the CPCSEA approved vendors.

NIS-animal house facility

Infrastructural facilities

The structure of our animal facility includes

  • 1. Quarantine room
  • 2. Experimental room
  • 3. Animal store room
  • 4. Procedure room
  • 5. Wash area
  • 6. Bedding/Feed storage room
  • 7. Autoclave room

Animal care

The animal house is air conditioned and well protected with environment contamination. The animal house team comprises 5 staff including Animal-House incharge, Part-time Veterinarian and three animal house attendants.  The support staff ensures that every part of animal care including feeding, watering, restraining, cage cleaning, record keeping and ordering of animals, feeds and bedding materials. 

Veterinary care

A Part-time Veterinarian carries out regular health monitoring of all animals to ensure that they are free from contagious diseases. Necropsy and autopsy of suspected contagious/infectious animals are performed by a veterinarian and prophylactic measures are implemented.

Waste disposal

The bio-waste disposal procedure is followed as per CPCSEA guidelines.

Pharmacological and Toxicological Screening facilities

Our Institute is currently equipped to conduct the following screening procedures using various animal models.

1. Acute, sub-acute and chronic toxicity studies of drugs

2. Screening of analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-pyretic and anti-arthritic drugs

3. Screening of anti-ulcer drugs

4. Screening of hepato-protective agents

5. Screening of anti-diabetic drugs

6. Screening of hypocholestremic drugs

7. Screening of anxiolytics, anti-depressants and anti-epileptics

8. Screening of cognitive enhancers and drugs used in Alzheimers

9. Screening of anti-parkinson agents

10. Screening of skeletal muscle relaxants 

Instrumentation facility

In vivo Pharmacological/toxicological screening facility includes rota rod, acto photometer, swimming test apparatus, y-maze, elevated plus maze, Hebb-william maze, eddy’s hot plate, analgesiometer and plethysmograph for behavioural screening. Basic equipments such as pH meter, Deep freezer, homogenizer, centrifuge, microscope, calorimeter etc are also available.