Director’s Message

National Institute of Siddha (राष्ट्रीय सिध्द संस्थान) is offering Post Graduate course in Siddha in eight specialties, Ph.D programme and rendering health care services through Siddha Medicine. The qualified faculty of Siddha Medicine and inter disciplinary faculty are available for imparting a high level of education and a well attended OPD / IPD with diagnostic laboratory facilities for enhancing the learning and acquiring knowledge and skills in clinical management. The students are deputed to reputed institutions for participating in training /seminar / workshop / conference on standardization of drugs, elemental analysis, preclinical studies, research methodology and biostatistics, career advancement training, general skills development etc for enhancing their knowledge and skills.

NIS is in the process of infrastructure development for expansion of OPD/IPD services by construting Ground floor with two additional floor building in our campus. It is also proposed to establish Pharmacy in the Amirtha Nagar, Chitlapakkam for catering the dispensary services of OPD/IPD wherein large number of patients are attending for health care services in Siddha medicine. 

Being an apex institution for siddha, this institute leaves no stone unturned for the betterment of students in learning each specialty. Students are encouraged to undertake research work in addition to dissertation oriented work with prior approval of Head of Institution through HOD.

Those who seek treatment can avail consultation and treatment provided by the doctors at free of cost with minimal registration fee of Rs 15/- for New registration and Rs.5/- for subsequent visits. Payment ward is also available with air condition facility in In-patient Department service. National Institute of Siddha is also offering special Out Patient clinics for Irudaya noi & Nurai Eeral noi - Iraippu irumal (Cardiac diseases and Branchial Asthma), Madhumegam (Diabetes), Muthiyor Maruthuvam (Geriatrics), Yogam and Kayakalpam (Rejuvenation therapy), Putrunoi (Cancer), Prevention and control of NCD, Azhagu iyal (Cosmetology), Athithoolam (Obesity), Magavinmai (Infertility) and Siruneeraga noigal & Athikuruthi azhutham (Renal diseases & Hypertension) and   Autism Spectrum Disorders. We are also running a paid OP for the benefit of working people and those who are coming from long distance. Rupees 500/- will be charged for first visit including medicines for 10 days and Rupees 450/- will be charged for revisits

Patients are advised to follow prescription and visit the hospital as per the advice of the doctors.