• Patients are requested to follow the displayed procedures and policies for Screening/OPD consultations. 
  • Preserve the Hospital OP book issued to the patient. The OP book which indicates the day of the visit, has to be produced on every visit to the hospital. 
  • Please consume drugs as advised by the doctor, do not self medicate.
  • Please insist on receipts for all payments made.
  • In case of any difficulty, please contact Matron or Asst. Matron. If your complaint is not attended to by them, please contact the Hospital Superintendent or the Deputy medical superintendent.
  • Please maintain the toilets and bathrooms clean, your co-operation in this regard is highly appreciated.
  • One attendant is allowed to stay with patient in In-Patient Ward
  • Please switch off all electrical appliances such as geysers, stoves, lights and fans etc., when not in use.
  • Any leakage of water from taps and overhead tanks should be reported immediately.
  • Do not force your way into consultation rooms or doctor’s chamber.
  • Do not encourage the practice of giving “tips” to the hospital attenders and other staff.
  • The entire hospital is a NO SMOKING AND NO ALCOHOL ZONE.
  • GAMBLING OF ANY KIND IS ALSO PROHIBITED IN THE HOSPITAL PREMISES. Any patient found indulging in these activities will be discharged immediately.
  • Do not have more than one attendant with you in In-Patient Ward.
  • Do not argue with the security staff at the OPD and IPD. They are only helpful to maintain the orderliness in the hospital
  • Cooking of food is not allowed in the hospital premises.
  • Do not approach the Director with trivial complaints without first meeting the Hospital Superintendent or the Deputy Superintendent.

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