Instructions to Authors

Article submission

Articles submitted for publication in Journal of Siddha should be mailed to the Chief Editor at the following address: Director, National Institute of Siddha, Tambaram sanatorium, Chennai - 600 047, Tamil nadu. The articles must be submitted in the form of soft copy in CD and via e-mail ( to the Editorial office. Articles not submitted in CD or via e-mail may be subject to delay in publishing. All papers must be accompanied by a written statement (declaration) that the material has not been published in its present form in any other scientific journal.


The preferred format is Microsoft word. All articles must be typed double spaced and with numbered pages. The font should be Times New Roman and Size 12 pt. Hard copies must be typed on one side of A4(297x210mm) with 4cm margins all round and must be supplied in triplicate. On a separate sheet, please give the title, short title(if applicable), name and postal address of the author and the name of the institution where the work was undertaken.

Original papers

These should contain original data on Siddha subjects. There is no word limit, but shorter, more focused papers are more likely to be accepted. These should have separate sections: Abstract, Introduction, Material & Methods, Results, Discussion and Conclusion. The abstract may be upto 250 words long and should contain the key data from the paper structured under the following headings Objectives, Designs, Results, Conclusions.


They may be on any aspect of Siddha system and management of the disease and its consequences. They may be up to 4000 words. They are usually commissioned by the Editorial Board. However, authors with a topic suitable for a review should contact the editor to discuss the suitability for a proposed review.

Case Report

Case reports are intended as preliminary publications on original observations. They should be no more than 1000 words in length.

Letters to the Editor

These may be upto 850 words. They may contain original data that are not sufficient for an original paper. Letters discussing topics of interest should present the author's ideas with supporting data.


Contributors (some of whom may not be included as authors) should be listed at the end of the paper, giving details of who did what in planning, conducting and reporting the work.


References to published works should include the name of the author/editor, publication title, publisher, place and date of publications. Page references should also be noted wherever applicable. References should be serially numbered. Abbreviations of titles or journals should follow the list of journals indexed in Index Medicals. Incorrectly styled references may lead to delay in publication.


It is a condition for publication that the article is offered to Journal of Siddha alone and that it will be subject to editorial revision, and that its copyright becomes the property of Journal of Siddha. Review, for example in a case report or clinical photograph, will normally require the signed consent of the patient.

Brief communications and comments may be sent for publication in the correspondence section. The editor reserves the right to publish materials in this section


Those who would like to have a personal copy of Journal of Siddha may contact, The Director, National Institute of Siddha, Chennai - 600 047. The issue will be sent to them through post free of cost.

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