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<< 25.02.2020 >> Surveillance assessment activities of NABH accreditation - Constitution of various committees


Feb 2020

Constitution of Various committees regarding Surveillance assessment activities of NABH accreditation - February 2020 

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A step towards NABH accreditation


Jul 2018

National Institute of Siddha is marching towards the land mark of obtaining NABH Accreditation for the Ayothidoss Pandithar Hospital (APH) attached with this Institute.

As a part of complying NABH norms, APH-NIS is undertaking the following activities.

Manual Preparations

* Apex manual

* Safety manual

* Quality manual

* HIC manual

* Essential Documents

* Training schedule, Certificates and Register

* Employees medical record catalogue

Forms & Reports

* Medical audit forms & reports

* Patient satisfaction index forms & reports

* Hospital forms


ACRs for Regular & Contract employees

Floor plan with fire safety exit indication

Hospital Formulary


Quality Policy:

Continuous quality improvement program shall be implemented by all committees and staff associated with each activity. Core Committee (CC) of NABH process will deliberate all policy related issues submitted by various committees and finalise the action plan for implementation. The remaining issues which necessitates the attention of Hospital Superintendent/Quality Manager shall be brought to their notice by different committees constituted for NABH process and put into implementation, otherwise the committee can put into practice. APH of NIS is committed to provide Quality Services to the public across the Country and Globe. Continuous quality improvement programmes are monitored by Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) through regular internal quality audits, physical checks, data analysis, random sample checks etc.

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Programme on Implementation (POI) of NABH Standards in Ayothidoss Pandithar Hospital, National Institute of Siddha, from 31-8-2016 to 2-9-2016


Aug 2016

National Institute of Siddha (NIS), Chennai has initiated actions in compliance with direction of Secretary, Ministry of AYUSH for applying to NABH accreditation to Ayothidoss Pandithar Hospital attached with National Institute of Siddha. After the online registration of NIS in NABH, action plan has been drawn for submission of application for NABH accreditation. As part of fulfilment of action plan and sensitising each section of Hospital, it was proposed to organise a Programme on Implementation (POI) of NABH standards course in NIS. The POI of NABH Standards course for Siddha Hospitals was conducted in National Institute of Siddha from 31-8-2016 to 2-9-2016 (3 days).

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