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Q1. What type of COVID-19 patient will be admitted in NIS-SCCC?


A COVID-19 patient with Mild symptoms such as Cough, Headache and Fever SpO2 at the range of 94 - 99% 

Q2. What is the procedure to get admission in NIS-Siddha Covid-19 Care Centre (NIS-SCCC)?


Step1: The COVID-19 patient should report to any Govt. General Hospital near his/her home. Once patient is screened, based on the doctor recommendation he/she will be referred to higher specialty hospital or COVID-19 Care Centre or Siddha COVID-19 Care Centre. 

Step2: Upon patient preference he/she will be directed for admission at NIS-Siddha Covid-19 Care Centre. 

Q3. Whether COVID-19 patients with Diabetes / Hypertension will be admitted in NIS-SCCC?


Patients  who have controlled Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertension will be admitted in  NIS-SCCC

Q4. What type of treatment is given to COVID 19 patients at NIS-SCCC? COVID-19 patient will be admitted in NIS-SCCC?


* Patient is treated with Siddha medicine according to their symptoms

* Yoga, Pranayama (Breathing exercise)

* Herbal tea and diet as per the Siddha principles

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