>> New (25.03.2020) >> Simple TIPS to boost your immune system

1.Chew Adimaduram( Liquorice) to wet the throat

2.Consume a  small piece of Ginger (de-skinned) along with honey in the morning. Alternatively, the decoction of de-skinned Ginger can be taken with honey. 

3. Drink milk with a small amount of Pepper powder, turmeric power and Palm Jaggery 

4.Grind Neem leaves and turmeric into paste and consume 2 small balls with hot water in empty stomach. 

5.Drink the soup of Kandankathiri (Solanum virginianum), Thoothuvalai (Solanum Trilobatum) and Aadathodai (Aadathoda Vasica)  

6.Mix a little amount of Thippili (Piper longum), Adi mathuram (Glycyrrhiza glabra) and Palm Jaggery. Eat a small portion, chewing it very well. 

7.Nellikai (Amla) in the form of juice, Thuvayal or mixed rice will improve immunity. 

8.Mix Chitrathai, Poondu (Garlic), Inji (Ginger) in milk to make a porridge and drink it. 

9.Simple exercises, simple yogasanas and Pranayama will improve the immunity. 

10.Be positive, use your time in a productive way.  Stay at home. 

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