Developing and Standardizing the Siddha Pharmacology on the basis of siddha fundamental principles and science in the line of modern scientific approach in treating various ailments affecting mankind.

Composing the extensive Siddha pharmacology and therapeutics in international standards and fit into place in the global healthcare delivery.


•To create potent resources for the development of Siddha pharmacology in teaching, and research areas.

•Developing professional therapeutic expertise in siddha for effective clinical management in treating various challenging diseases.

•Scientific study of various siddha formulations and their therapeutic applications for global acceptance.

•To standardize drug dosage regimen for various siddha formulations indicated for various ailments.

•Detailed study pharmco-vigilance mechanism of Siddha system of medicine.

•To study the interrelation of siddha drug pharmacology with molecular biology and chemistry.

•To establish and develop the pharmacopeia of various siddha medications.

•To establish the standardization of raw materials and their purification methods.

•To ensure the safety and efficacy of siddha formulations by doing proper scientific research evaluation studies.

•To equip the students by imparting industrial pharmacy knowledge for them to establish pharma industry and related areas.

•Establishing and standardizing the preparations of siddha formulations and instruments using in the drug industry.

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