Research Procedure

The research programme in National Institute of Siddha is being carried out by Faculty members and also by M.D(S) P.G students in the form of dissertation work as a part of the 3 year course. NIS is recognized for offering full-time / part-time Ph.D programme and Ph.D scholars are carrying out research work.

The research works were broadly categorised into Pre-Clinical (Drug Standardization, Toxicological & Pharmacological studies) and Clinical (including Clinical Trials, Health System Research and Epidemiological studies).

All the Research proposals will be developed in the form of Protocol and Form-B for Toxicological and Pharmacological studies. All research proposals are screened by SAC / IEC / IAEC for adhering all regulatory norms. The clinical studies are prospectively registered in the Clinical Trial Registry of India (CTRI).

User charges details for conducting Biochemical and Hematological analysis for Research purposes (23.09.2021)



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