Nanju Maruthuvam

Nanju Maruthuvam

Siddha medicine is the most antiquated traditional system known to mankind. This ancient system of medicine was developed by 18 Siddhars who focused and attained “Ashtamasiddhi”, the control over eight supernatural powers. The unique feature of our siddha system is the removal of the root causes of the disease and perfect remedy for body and mind. It also deals with the preventive aspect of disease.

Our Institute has 6 specialities in post graduate, Nanju Maruthuvam is one among that ie., Toxicology & Forensic medicine. Nanju nool(Toxicology) is the science deals with the properties, actions, toxicity, fatal dose, fatal period, detection and estimation of treatment of poisons. Maruthuva Needhi Nool deals with duty, rights, privilege, ethics, etiquette & legal aspects of medical practitioners.

“Too much of anything is good for nothing”

A Poison is a substance which when administered, inhaled or ingested, is capable of acting deleteriously on the human body.

“There is really no boundary between a medicine and a poison, for a medicine in a toxic dose is a poison and a poison in a small dose may be a medicine.”

Nanju Maruthuvam branch comprises of 1 Professor, 4 lecturers, 1 associate professor & 21 students, each year has 7 students respectively. The drugs in siddha have specific purification processes, play a vital role in usage of toxic drugs as medicines. Three projects are going on in our Department. Of these, two projects are based on purification process, which are NIS projects, the rest one is getting from The Tamilnadu Dr. MGR medical university. In our department, students doing dissertation work in toxicity studies of siddha drugs, they are presenting research papers relevant to toxicology aspects in various National & International Conferences. In our Institute, 6 OPDs there, if there are any adverse drug reactions or any poisonous bites occurred, the patients are referred to our OPD for further management and treatment. In our department a small museum is maintained, we planned to develop it into an updated Museum on Toxicology. The future plan of our department is to document on the treatment of various poisons from the traditional practitioners and healers, to establish & validate scientifically on the specific treatment of various poisons (antidote) mentioned in our literature and safety clinical studies in our OPD. We also planned to enrich and fortify the already existing literatures, collecting and establishing correlations between zoological and geological concepts with Siddha classical texts, imparting special training to students and faculty members in sophisticated instruments lab & industrial visit.