The National Institute of Siddha is located at Grand Southern Trunk Road, Tambaram Sanatorium, Chennai and functioning in its own campus, situated on a plot of land measuring 14.78 acres. The Ayothidoss Pandithar Hospital attached with Institute is a NABH accredited Hospital, providing healthcare services to the public and is imparting clinical training to the Under Graduates, Post Graduates and Ph.D scholars. The OPD and IPD, with its 200 bed strength are functioning on all the 365 days of the year. In addition NIS conducts outreach OPDs at different places in and around Chennai in the Semi-urban and Rural areas (Swasthya Rakshan & Swasthya Parikshan) and one Peripheral OPD at Tribal area, Kothimangalam, Thirukazhukundram, Kancheepuram district.

The Hospital is equipped with USG, PFT, ECG, X-Ray, Bio-Chemistry, Microbiology, Pathology Laboratories, Siddha Pharmacology Laboratory for supporting the quality health care services and research activities of this Institute.

Complete list of various charges collected for services offered [As on 13.01.2023]


To provide safe and quality medical care through Siddha system of medicine to humanity.

To develop high quality clinical teaching in PG education in Siddha system.

To conduct clinical research on various aspects of Siddha

To document the healthcare services for scientific validation

To disseminate the clinical research works through scientific publications and publication of books for global acceptance.

To develop, promote and propagate various aspects of Siddha treatment.


To provide healthcare through Siddha System of medicine for all citizens and position Siddha as preferred system of medicine for public healthcare.


To provide affordable, compassionate and quality healthcare services through Siddha system of medicine to all

To improve quality and standards of clinical teaching in post graduate education.

To evolve as a centre of excellence in providing healcare through Siddha system of medicne.


Out-Patient Services

• Pothu Maruthuvam (General Medicine)

• Gunapadam (Siddha pharmacology)

• Sirappu Maruthuvam (Special Medicine)

• Varma Maruthuvam (Varma therapy)

• Pura Maruthuvam (External medicine)

• Siddhar Yoga Maruthuvam

• Kuzhandhai Maruthuvam (Pediatrics)

• Noi naadal (Siddha pathology)

• Nanju Maruthuvam (Siddha Toxicology)

• Aruvai and Thol Maruthuvam (Surgery and dermatology)

• Sool  & Magalir Maruthuvam (Obstetrics and Gynecology)

Special and External therapy procedures

• Enbu murivu (Traditional bone setting)

• Thokkanam (Therapeutic manupulation therapy)

• Attai vidal (Leech therapy)

• Suttigai (Cauterization)

• Patru (Poutice)

• Ennaikkattu (Oil pooling)

• Peechu (Enema)

• Varmam (Varma therapy)

• Yogam (Yoga therapy)

• Otradam (Fomentation)

• Iyanmurai Maruthuvam (Physiotherapy)

• Vedhu (Steam inhalation)

• Podithimirthal (Powder rubbing)

• Pugai (Fumigation)

• Kaaranool (Caustic thread)

• Sool kaala paraamarippu (Antenatal care)

Special OPD Services

Besides regular out patient services, National Institute of Siddha also conducting Special Out Patients service for the following diseases

Laboratory Services:

• Biochemistry

• Clinical Pathology

• Microbiology

• Siddha Maruthuva Noikanippu (Siddha diagnosis)


• Spirometry

Imaging Services

• Radiology


Supporting services:

• Pharmacy
• Annual Repairs and maintenance is done through CPWD at a cost of
a) CPWD ( Civil ) Rs.75,39,600/- for the year 2023-24
b) CPWD (Electrical) Rs. 1,20,76,812/- for the year 2023-24
Details of outsourcing of services during 2022-23
1. Catering Services: M/s.Nivedhana Fast Foods, Chennai (16.11.2023 to 15.11.2024).
2. Housekeeping Services: M/s.Gaviko Private Limited, Chennai (01.01.2024 to 31.12.2024). Contract value: Rs.22674172.80/-
3. Manpower Services – Paramedical and supporting Staff: M/s.First & Best Services (India) Pvt. Ltd., Coimbatore (01.03.2024 to 28.02.2025). Contract value: Rs.6,21,40,238.7/-
4. Security Services: M/s.Industrial Security & Intelligence (India) Pvt., Limited, Chennai (01.03.2024 to 28.02.2025). Contract value: Rs.1,65,19,058.28/-

In-Patient Facilities : 

• General Ward (188 beds)

• Special Ward (12 beds)


**Services not available in our Hospital **

• Emergency management

• Major surgeries

• Burns, Severe injuries, Compound and Complicated fractures

• Terminally ill patient care

• Road traffic accidents

• Medico legal cases

• Medical termination of pregnancy

• Highly infectious and contagious diseases


This Page last updated on 31.05.2024

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