National Institute of Siddha is recognized as lntermediary Pharmacovigilance Centre(IPvC) for Siddha drugs with the aim of collection of Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR) cases in Siddha and initiating action for controlling and preventing the adverse effect of siddha drugs.

The objectives of the NPRC (S) is

  • To collect the ADR reports
  • To monitor and investigate the ADR
  • To compile the investigation reports
  • Prevention of ADR
  • Reporting of Misleading advertisements
  • To submit periodical reports to National Pharmacovigilance co-ordination centre (NPvCC)

NIS – Intermediary Pharmacovigilance Centre (IPvC) for Siddha Medicine

Pharmacovigilance is one of the measures to monitor and evaluate the safety of drugs consumed by patients based on the prescription by Doctors. 

In this context, Ministry of AYUSH is introducing various measures to strengthen the AYUSH healthcare services to ensure its quality and benefit reaches the public. National Institute of Siddha is forefront in implementing all measures introduced by Ministry of AYUSH. NIS has conducted a workshop in the year 2018 for Drug Inspectors, ASU Drug manufacturers to sensitize the Regulation and Enforcement procedures of ASU systems of medicine. 

National Institute of Siddha has been identified as Intermediary Pharmacovigilance Centre(IPvC) for Siddha System of Medicine under National Pharmacovigilance Centre to develop a network of ASU&H Pharmacovigilance Centres by the Ministry of AYUSH. There are nine Peripheral Pharmacovigilance Centres (PPvC) for Siddha Medicine established in the Tamil Nadu, Kerala states and Puducherry during the year 2018.

CME for imparting the Process, Outcome and Impact measurements related to Pharmacovigilance for Siddha System of Medicine was held during 30th November and 1st December 2018 at National Institute of Siddha, Chennai for Peripheral Pharmacovigilance Centres and Siddha Medical Colleges. Monitoring and Evaluation of Pharmacovigilance emphasis the need for documentation of side effects, adverse events, serious adverse events etc in an unbiased manner to highlight the safety of medicines to the scientific community and public. The IPvC and PPvC will also monitor misleading advertisements and report to State Licensing Authority concerned for necessary action. 

The PPvC is to submit monthly progress report to IPvC and in turn the consolidated report will be sent to National Pharmacovigilance Centre-AIIA, New Delhi by IPvC.

Details of  IPvC :

1.Dr.R.Madhavan, Associate Professor, HOD i/c., Department of Nanju Maruthuvam– Coordinator – IPvC, NIS

2.Dr.S.Visweswaran, Associate Professor, Department of Gunapadam- Coordinator – IPvC, NIS

3.Dr.A.Punitha, Programme Associate – IPvC – NIS, Chennai


Details of PPvC :


To download National Pharmacovigilance Programme (NPP) form for Siddha drugs Click Here