Hindi diwas is celebrated on September 14 every year to mark the adoption of Hindi language as official language of India. This was to bring unity among the diversified languages of our country. To mark this occasion , Hindi fortnight is being celebrated from 13th till 27th September 2021 at National Institute of Siddha. Various events and competitions are being conducted throughout these days.

Day 1 – Day 14 :

Each department has been entrusted with selection , translation and display of a Word of the day and Proverb of the day.

Day 2 – 14.09.2021:

On this occasion, all the employees and PG students of NIS under the leadership of the Director Dr.R.Meenakumari, took the Rajbhasha Pratigya (hindi pledge). As part of Hindi fortnight celebration, Hindi solo singing competition was held at NIS. The event saw a very tough competition with participants who enchanted the audience with their melodious songs.

Day 3 -15.09.2021:

  • Hindi Handwriting competition was conducted for its employees and students. A huge response was seen with around 100 participants.
  • Rajbhasha Aptitude Test was conducted for its employees and students. The participants came forward with much enthusiasm
  • Rapid fire conversation competition was conducted.All participants crossed their language barrier to converse with competitive spirit.

Day 4 – 16.09.2021
Drawing competition was conducted for employees and students . The theme of drawing competition was Rashtriya ekta (National Unity). The creative strokes of pencil paired with splash of colour topped with their enthusiasm was a beautiful feeling for the organizing committee and the judges alike. The competition saw diversity of creative talent among all the participants who were bound unitedly with a single theme of National Unity.

Day 5 – 17.09.2021

  • Dohe competition was held at Yoga Hall. The participants were instructed to recite 2 Dohe (couplets) with their meaning. The participants recited the Dohe eloquently.
  • Poetry recitation competition was conducted and all the participants participated with much enthusiasm.

07.10.2021- Scheduled for Valedictory function

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