Epidemics/Pandemics are mentioned as “Uzhi Noi” or “Kothari Noi” in Siddha system of medicine. In general, they are grouped under “Kollai Noikal”(Communicable Diseases) which crop up during “Ayana Santhi” months during Adi and Margazhi month in Tamil Calendar (July – December) as the immune system will be weakened during the period.

Siddha literature have portrayed the notification, isolation, quarantine and disinfection for the management of communicable diseases. In Siddha System, the diseases result due to the derangement of Mukkutram. Usually, Thottru Noigal (communicable diseases) are associated with Aiya kutram (Respiratory related Illness). The Siddha classical text Guru Naadi has quoted that Thottru Noigal is generally caused by Kirumi (Pathogens).

Siddha system of medicine has given promising effects during the current prevailing pandemic situation. The Siddha drug Kaba Sura Kudineer have played a vital role in the prevention and management of COVID -19 and also treating asymptomatic and mild cases. The results of research studies are published in reputed peer review journals.  

Mitigation of epidemics such as Dengue, Chikungunya, Swine flu, bird flu has been previously accomplished in Tamil Nadu through combined public health initiatives with Siddha drugs such as Nilavembu Kudineer, Adathodai Manapagu, Brahmanandha Bairavam, Seenthil Kudineer as prophylactic and treatment measures.  Dissemination of knowledge and experiential sharing through this kind of conferences also open up avenues for achieving the objectives of Siddha medical Science.


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